About Binst Breeding & Selection

Pieter Binst began selling seed potatoes in 1920. 18 years later, his son Frans followed in his footsteps. His grandson Didier has been expanding the family business since 1976.

And how! He started a separate production unit in Belgium and Luxembourg under our current company name Binst Breeding & Selection, based in Grimbergen near Brussels. Proper agreements, reliable quality and personal relations with our customers are our main strengths. The result? Today Binst Breeding & Selection is a market leader in Belgian and Luxembourgish seed potatoes.

It is a position that motivates us to keep doing better. Binst Breeding & Selection has been developing organic seed potatoes under the name Bioterra for over 20 years. It was an idea that germinated long before organic foodstuffs became a lifestyle choice

Further globalisation

From 2009, Francis Binst has taken over as torchbearer. As the fourth generation, he is working on the further globalisation of Binst Breeding & Selection. Today, one can buy from Binst Breeding & Selection anywhere in the world.

4 generations of Binst: that means 4 generations of quality and trust in the very best seed potatoes.


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